T.R.A.P. Fitness workouts are set up as small groups of people split into even smaller teams to encourage accountability. Working out is hard work, but knowing that you have a team to get over the hurdle with makes it easier to push through. Workouts last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and include several creative strength and conditioning tactics.


"T.R.A.P." is more than an acronym! While working out, we play your favorite upbeat music. Each participant drops 3 songs they would like to hear and we play at least one of them over the course of the workout.


We are all about making fitness enjoyable but in the words of the great philosopher Yo Gotti, “You got to grind before you shine!” Therefore, know that you are expected to come ready to work!

Getting To Our Location:












T.R.A.P. Fitness is: 

  • Team

  • Resistance 

  • Aerobics

  • Plyometrics


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to leave a lasting impact on our clients' lives by making fitness a desire instead of a duty.


We create a memorable fitness experience that shows how fun improving the quality of your life can be through interactive workouts with upbeat playlists.   


Trap music often has a negative connotation behind it, but we take pride in showing people that you can love Project Pat while maintaining a professional, positive, and productive environment.


We don't move weight, we lose it!  


Getting Here:

Parking is free along Main Street. Our location is gated but the gate will open exactly 10 minutes before, 5 minutes before  and the exact time of the workout. Please be courteous of others' time and be punctual.

Our Address:

525 N Main St.  

Memphis, TN 38105

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